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I have successfully written my analogy for Plant Cells using Tumblr.

In Biology we have to make an analogy for Plant Cells using everyday things like factories or cities. Since I don’t go outside, I thought Tumblr was more of an “Everyday thing” for me. So far I have:
Cell Wall: Log in Page. (Helps keep everything together)
Cell Membrane: CAPTCHA while making your account. (Keeps bad things out)
Chromosomes: URL’s. (A Code to find people’s blogs or “genetic information”
Vacuole: Blogs. (Helps Tumblr grow and take away bad things or “waste” like bad hipster posts)
Cytoplasm: Dashboard. (Where everything sits, pretty much)
Mitochondria: Shows/Movies/Bands/Musicians/Youtubers/Writers/Artists. (“Energy Makers” or Things that fuel our blogs)
Nucleus: David Karp. (AKA Creator of all Tumblr; makes the rules of Tumblr and tells people how to run it.”
Golgi Apparatus: Gif makers (They “Package” the gifs before people reblog them)

I think I’m way more excited about this than I should be. Oh well.